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Hangs after 1st reboot on Intel DQ965GF


Fast Turtle

Got a new build with the Intel DQ965GF board that's using all of the
onboard hardware (gigabit NIC, HD Audio, Video and a TPM module). What
happens is that after Vista has expanded the files and reboots the
first time, it hard locks (Hangs). I have managed to get it to use
safemode but and it shows what's being loaded but again it hangs but
at least with the info crcdisk? driver being the problem.

I have made 4 attempts, pair with a SATA disk connected and pair w/o.
Also note that you can not disable the sata controller at all.

I have also tried loading the vista drivers during the initial
installation to see if that was the problem but no luck. Right now I'm
pretty much at my wits end trying to get Vista installed so any input
on what could be happening would be appreciated.

One thing I have changed is installed a floppy drive in case the issue
is with what Intel calls Matrix Storage (Raid Driver).