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High CPU usage - svchost.exe, DcomLaunch and Plug & Play

Hey guys,

I'm running into a problem with my install of Vista Home Premium x64. The usual solutions I'm finding online aren't helping me very much, so I thought I'd post what I've done so far.

Problem synopsis: Computer uses 40-60% of processor while idling with no startup programs. The bulk of this comes from svchost.exe; specifically, the one that's hosting DcomLaunch and Plug & Play.

Attempted solutions: The first thing I found was this, which suggested it to be a sound problem. I attempted the fix listed there on all my available sound interfaces. No dice. I then tried uninstalling my Tascam 122-L since it's notoriously finicky with Vista. Again, no dice. I tried various combinations of suspending services, along with all startup programs, but wasn't able to find an acceptable setup which fixed the problem.

I downloaded Process Explorer and looked into exactly which threads are using up my processor. The culprits are "RPCRT4.dll!NdrComplexArrayMarshall+0x610" and three other variants. As far as I can tell, it's a legitimate process, but it's malfunctioning in some way. Suspending these threads returns my processor to an idle of <5%.

Any ideas on what could be causing this problem? I suppose I could suspend these threads on startup, but I haven't verified if it comes with a functionality cost.
Oh, cool - I ended up finding a solution. Turned out, the issue was my ATI HDMI Audio drivers. Disabling those immediately fixed the issue.

Thanks anyway! :)