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How do I force an update of the UI?


Philippe Lavoie

In my application,

a list of products is initialized by doing a backgroud call (through the
dispatcher). That list shows a picture of the product (specified as an
URL). I apply some filtering to the list (setting a Status variable to
'InView' 'Hidden' etc.).

The problem is that sometimes the images do not show up. I have to click
twice (i..e refresh the list twice with the same parameters to get the
images to properly show up).

How can I force the UI to recompute the layout? UpdateLayout doesn't
seem to work 100%.



My Computer



Have you tried the InvalidateMeasure(), InvalidateArrange() and the
InvalidateVisual() functions...

Those functions force either some part or the complete re-layout of the
visual... Maybe this could help...

My Computer