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how do i turn on wireless capability



just bought a new laptop that has windows vista basic. i have a wireless
router. it picks the fact up that i have one but will not let me connect.
when i rn diagnosis on it, it said that my 'wireless capability' was switched
off, and that cld turn it on via a switch on the computer - cannot find a
physical switch ANYWHERE - or by a 'combination of keys'. can anyone tell me
how i can turn on wireless capability? I don't have a wireless card either -
just the router and a couple of cables. incase you couldn't tell already, i'm
not that great with computers.

many thanks.

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i'll ask the obvious question--have you looked at the documentation that
came with your laptop? i have 1 laptop that has a slide switch on the
front that is nearly invisible. another laptop (the wife's) turns the
wireless on/off from a function key. check your documentation. or call
the manufacturer's hotline.

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