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How to get rid of user account showing only on HD

Cleveland, OH, USA
I have two accounts, one I named Administrator and one with my personal name. I checked in regedit where userprofiles are listed and there are files ending in 02 and 03 and they list paths to those two accounts. The missing 01 is probably due to the problems I had getting rid of test-testpc that appeared on my computer when returned from repair by the manufacturer. I know I could change the name to my own from User Accounts in Control Panel but underneath it was still test-testpc on the hard drive.

I changed the name of the computer and that stuck. I made the new Administrator account but when I went to System Advanced System Settings, then User Profiles and Settings only test showed up and clicking on it wouldn't let me then click on Copy to copy its folders and settings to Administrator.

I made another Administrator account with my personal name and then deleted test instead of copying and then deleting. Maybe I still couldn't copy, maybe I was just so glad I could delete it.

So only the two accounts to log on, only these two in User Accounts in Control Panel, only the two in regedit (default and public seem to never show, don't remember right now if Guest showed up, I usually do't have it enabled.) In System Advanced System Settings User Profiles Settings there are only these two accounts. BUT, when I look on my hard drive, under C:\Users there is an additional account: mypersonalname-mynewcomputer name, i.e. in addition to Administrator and Anita, there is Anita-TheII. My computer's name is TheII. I delete Anita-TheII, but it keeps coming back.How do I get rid of it?

And, oh yes, despite all this when I install Office, in the setup info under my personal name is...test. So test is still lurking somewhere. How do I delete his remnants?

I am running Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

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