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How to view Vista AppData folder in Windows Explorer?


Mike M

1. I noticed that not all my temporary files were being deleted when I used
TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS/Browsing History/Delete (all). Why is this so?

2. However, when I tried to find them, in a subfolder of AppData, I
couldn't find the AppData folder, even though I checked the box to show
hidden folders. Why is this so?

3. Also, why is Vista designed to frustrate us like this?

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Have a similar problem displaying AppData folder!

Even although changed folder options to -display hidden folder/files-,
each time apply then close panel, the settings revert back to -do not
display hidden folders/files-.

Doesn't keep chosen options (logged in as administrator, vista business
sp1) and doesn't show AppData or other hidden folders.

Any ideas welcome! Thanks.


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