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Hyper-V and access to storage

I know my subject line is not real descriptive but I couldn't come up with
anything that would explain right away my issue. So I have HP iSCSI SAN which
is not tested or supported by HP on Windows 2008 server, which makes it
difficult to troubleshoot. Overall this iSCSI SAN works well with Win 2008 as
long Hyper-V is not enabled, what happens is that as soon as I enable Hyper-V
our HP iSCSI SAN starts getting iscsi login attempts from Hyper-V boxes
exactly every 30 minutes, this will continue for hours and at some point SAN
controllers running out of memory by cumulating those "iscsi login attempts"
from Hyper-V boxes and SAN crashes. Reboot and all starts over again.
HP support is refusing to help because we are in unsupported configuration,
they don't want or don't know how to answer question what are those "iscsi
login attempts" and why their piece of hardware is running out of memory over
the time.
in any case since this only happens when Hyper-V is enabled my best guess is
that Hyper-V is checking / verifying existence of storage every 30 minutes
but I cannot find any documentation confirming this or if this can be change
in registry.
Does someone who knows Hyper-V in and out is aware of such verification
process that runs every 30 minutes in Hyper-V?
I first was thinking this is Win 2008 iSCSI or MPIO issue but this is not
happening when Hyper-V is disabled.

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