Implementation of WinFS in Windows "Fiji" and "Vienna"


roman modic


"Looking at Fiji and Vienna"

"Vista R2?, codename "Fiji"
WinFS will be applied over NTFS to give us
Virtual Folders (or maybe just Saved Searches)

Windows "Vienna" (formerly "Blackcomb")
WinFS (or its sucessor) will replace NTFS.
No more drives, or files/folders location to
worry about. File Management will be done
through applications, which will automaticlly
index and sort the files they support.

Cheers, Roman

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Bert Sachs

Someone from TechEd said that OR Mapping will be done through the ADO.NET
Entity Framework in a future version of ADO.NET. The original idea of WinFS
is dead. Maybe they put the index of the desktop search in the sql server. I
think this is a really big disadvantage and overall it's a shame that after
years of development Microsoft will release something that other products
have allready provided for years (OR Mapping). I really woul know why they
think that the original idea of WinFS is not possible to realise. What have
they done alle the years?

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