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Implementing custom Windows Shell Namespace Extension

  • Thread starter Daniel A. Kornev [MSP]
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Daniel A. Kornev [MSP]


I'm writing custom Windows Shell Namespace Extension that will give me all
items typeof Contact through Windows Explorer Namespace Extension in My
Computer. All is on its way but as Project method increases perfomance so
I'm now using it to retrieve contacts names from my Personal Contacts folder
in WinFS.

The problems are a lot of and among them I can't make this simple code to

contacts = new StorageSearcher<StorageRecord>


@"Extent(@0).Project(DisplayName As DN, ItemId As ContactId",

new object[] { typeof(Contact) },



While this piece of code works well but I still have to use first one.

contacts = usersFolder.Items.FilterByType<Contact>().Project("DisplayName As
DN, ItemId As ContactId, ContactCards As CCs");

Why I want to get working first piece of code? Just because I want to
retrieve Contacts emails, and phones, and so on.

Please help me! Why the first simple piece of code doesn't work within
Windows Explorer?


Daniel A. Kornev,

Microsoft Student Partner.


Russian WinFS Community - http://neocyte.int.ru/NeocyteCorp/Research/WinFS

MIEM .NET Developers Group - http://miem.gotdotnet.ru/

My blog @ theSpoke - http://thespoke.net/blogs/DanielKornev

P.S. I use Dominic Cooney's WindowsShell.dll to implement my custom Windows
Shell Namespace Extension. See


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