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Incredible Summer Gig$


Kenny Love

Incredible Summer Gig$

If you dread the idea of another summer of gigs
spent in hot, smoky nightclubs making a limited
and small amount of money, in exchange for the
opportunity to ingest second-hand smoke and
firsthand cancer, check out my new article in
yesterday's B# Newsletter titled, "Incredible
Summer Gig$ (gigs you may never have thought

As the title reflects, these are 20 of the most
incredible gigs, with many that literally grant
you a few breaths of fresh air while paying
extremely well. In fact, after signing on for
several of these, you may never return to
nightclub gigs.

But, you need to see these gigs right now so
that you can immediately lock them down before
your area competitors do, as this is the perfect
time frame to make sure they get kicked off at
the beginning of the upcoming Summer season.

To read "Incredible Summer Gig$...," which is
a brief article that will take LESS than
5 minutes of your time, please go sign up at

Then, go to Message #216.


Kenny Love, Editor

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