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Insert in nested xml



I have this xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<GRLog xmlns="http://www.digiexpress.com.br/grlog">
<Viagem uID="0" QtViagens="0" FrmAberto="False" />
<Colunas Nome="ImagIgni" Index="0" Visivel="True" Tamanho="40"
<Colunas Nome="ImagIgni" Index="1" Visivel="True" Tamanho="40"
<Colunas Nome="ImagOcor" Index="2" Visivel="True" Tamanho="40"
<Colunas Nome="ImagAtra" Index="3" Visivel="True" Tamanho="40"
<Colunas Nome="ImagSina" Index="4" Visivel="True" Tamanho="40"
<Colunas Nome="FormPosi" Index="5" Visivel="True" Tamanho="50"
<Colunas Nome="VeicPlac" Index="6" Visivel="True" Tamanho="70"
<Colunas Nome="CarrPlac" Index="7" Visivel="True" Tamanho="70"
<Colunas Nome="TiVeDesc" Index="8" Visivel="True" Tamanho="70"
<Colunas Nome="MotoNome" Index="9" Visivel="True" Tamanho="200"
<Colunas Nome="ClieNome" Index="10" Visivel="True" Tamanho="200"

I need to insert a new line into the "Viagens" group...
How could I do that??? I've been struggling with it for hours now...


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