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Installing MS Office SR-2 on Vista


V Green

Just a quick note on what I found that I had to do
to get Office 97 SR-2 (the last service pack avail.
for those of us use Office 97) to install on Vista.

When running the patch, it would bomb part way through,
referring me to a log file for more info on why. Logfile
is located at Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Setup
and is named 97sr2_X.log where X is the number of times you've
tried to install. The file could be at a different location
on your machine. The log file ended with an error shown as:

Move C:\Windows\Fonts\tahoma.ttf to C:\Windows\Fonts\sr198EA.tmp
Unable to open C:\Windows\Fonts\tahoma.ttf
sr2 patch fail

Also in the logfile was this stuff:

C:\Windows\Fonts\comic.ttf will not be patched because it's version >= sr2 file
Version found was (
C:\Windows\Fonts\comicbd.ttf will not be patched because it's version >= sr2
file version
Version found was (

So, as part of its install, SR-2 is also updating fonts
based on their version number...

Checking the Tahoma font in question showed a version
number of 5.00, which would seem to be "larger" than
the version number that the installer was checking for.

Being as that SR-2 had installed successfully on a couple
XP machines I have, I checked the version of Tahoma on
those boxes. The file size was different, and Properties
for it showed nothing at all.

So, I copied the Fonts folder from the XP box to a scratch
directory on the Vista, and then used the Fonts applet
in Control Panel to install the fonts that the installer
was bitching about from that folder to the Vista box, allowing
it to overwrite.

Voila! SR-2 now succeeds.

Hope this helps those of you who, like me, have NO reason to
run any newer version of Office, preferring a smaller, faster
package with minimal bloat.

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