Internal Error 2753. coinstaller.dll


April F

I recently purchased the sierra wireless 595u aircard from sprint. When I
ran the cd for installation, I received the error code (INTERNAL ERROR 2753.
COINSTALLER.DLL) well, sprint is no help as usual & referred me to microsoft
which I dont see any help that is free except for here and I am frustrated.
I also tried to download the program manually from sprints website which they
suggested and it did the same exact thing. When searching about this error
online, There are solutions to try but none have worked so far. People
online have mentioned that if you get this type of message, it means that the
windows dll files are either missing or corrupted. If so, how can I fix
it....would reinstalling vista off the web help me any? I dont have the
installation cd's since they did not come with my laptop. It was
preinstalled on the laptop from Bestbuy. I am listed as the administrator so
that is not the problem...Please help me if anyone has any knowledge of this
error....I need to get this problem fixed for my business as quick as

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