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Iomega ZIP drives and Vista

I bought an Iomega Zip 250 drive from Amazon last week (May 18 2008) and hooked it up to my Vista Home Premium system. The drive is USB connected and USB powered. (I did not load any of the Iomage software from the cd that came with it. Best if you do not try to use the Iomega software. It does not support Vista.) Vista recognized the drive, enabled it with an existing Vista driver, and it works fine. It is accessible just as my other external hard drives. I have been able to retrieve all my data from my old Iomega 100 Zip disks. One heads up: I first plugged the USB cable in to a USB 4-slot shared expander. A message came up that said there was insufficient power for the device. I then plugged it in to a USB slot on the computer...no problems.

My old ZIP drive was a parallel port device. It will not work with Vista. That is why I purchased a new drive powered via USB.

I am not suggesting that ZIP drives are necessarily the optimum portable options for Vista. But if you move to Vista, it is nice to have a way to access data from existing ZIP disks.

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