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It's such a shame that foldershare, now Live Sync, is not owned by a multimillion pound international software company at the edge of the market.

After all if it was owned by such a company, lets say for example if Microsoft bought it, then the software would have the backing, expertise and support miles above all the foldershare/live sync competitors.

Lets just look again (as i see everyone is posting the same things) at the transfer process from foldershare to live sync. I use(d) Foldershare for a long while now for business and setup many clients with the same system to sync folders from our server and for their own things externally. I heard that foldershare would be upgraded and expanded etc with the M$ backing, good news. I keep waiting for the update assuming i will be alerted and some form of seamless upgrade process would be implimented (LIKE PRACTICALLY EVERY OTHER PIECE OF SOFTWARE ON THE MARKET HAS FOR YEARS) so that I could just email my clients im my own time and inform them of the easy process to upgrade their systems.

was it easy? was it easy F**k!!

I get into work one morning to see foldershare alerting me that live sync is available and foldershare will no longer sync. Great! Here's the upgrade, lets upgrade and get back to work....

Well the installer works on my first Mac, i can sign in on one machine but as soon as i try to sign in on my other machine that runs the same sync it wont sign into the live sync service.

been working at the problem for several days now with no resolution my clients and I cannot sync at all as foldershare has been taken offline and live sync does not work, several of my clients and myself have now lost work/money due to this apparent changeover.

Seriously Microsoft, how hard is it to coordinate a simple changeover? Keep foldershare running for a while while the live sync application takes off to ensure smooth transition.

Or possibly more importantly, TEST software and server applications before you release them, its not hard, just get a few friends round and give them a few beers and ask them to run the software on their machines.

You are a market leading company, lead by example! Its no wonder the Mac and linux market is rapidly expanding, they are by no means perfect either but atleast they test things and make them work before they are released.

More on this story later.

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