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Laptop USB ports stay live in Standby


David Tong

I'd appreciate if anyone can advise on whether these effects are normal with
Vista SP1, and whether there's a work-around. I've searched pretty widely
and found these two other references to similar problems, but no solutions
as yet: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?p=3206105,

I'm using a new Toshiba R500 laptop running Vista and I find, unexpectedly,
that the USB ports keep providing power even when the laptop is in Standby.
(I expected they would power down like they do in XP).

I'm using a Logitech VX Nano cordless mouse where the tiny dongle is
supposed to be left plugged in all the time. However if I do leave it
plugged in, I find that the battery runs down too fast. I think this is
because the USB port continues to power the dongle even during standby. To
confirm that the USB port is powered up during Standby I plugged in a wired
optical USB mouse to a USB port during Standby. sure enough, its bright red
led comes on just as it does when the computer is powered up.

Another annoying thing is that if I put the machine to Standby while a USB
mouse or mouse dongle is plugged in, then the machine immediately wakes up
if I unplug the mouse or dongle. This is something you often need to do
with a laptop and is quite ok to do in XP.

A couple of other things that may be relevant: (1) The option 'allow the
computer to turn off this device to save power' is ticked for all five USB
Root Hubs in Device Manager. (2) In Device Manager/ Mouse Name/ Properties
/Power Management the tick box for 'Allow the computer to turn off this
device to save power' is greyed out for all the mice I've tried.

Thanks for any help.

David Tong

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