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lexmark X6170 driver

You are correct I have an X3350 and I've confirmed online and locally that
they are releasing on 30/4/07.There may be some conflicts with the early
version of Vista so make sure you update your OS regularly

"John" wrote:

> You'll be able to download it here
> http://www.lexmark.com/lexmark/sequentialem/home/0,6959,204816596_1019285789_0_en,00.html
> They're promised 30 April, but who knows. Four months to upgrade the
> drivers. I already bought a HP C6180 All-In-One. Love it.
> "guitarman430" <guitarman430@optonline.net> wrote in message
> news:OgFPh.3443$Cu4.1279@newsfe12.lga...
> > Does anyone know if this exist yet?
> >


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