lifecam vx3000 issues


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I can't get my lifecam to load properly into vista even with updated software. I have a 6 GB hard drive and saw somewhere that if your HD is over 4 gb you need a hotfix from windows to enable it to download properly. Can anyone help me with this please???!!!

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Whoa, a 6gb HDD? I haven't seen one of those since windows 95-98. :P

Are there any error messages given? Is it flat out not responding, please be a little bit more specific on how it's not working.

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Ashvin Busviah

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is your driver compatible for vista 64bit?? as per your system spec?? If not just plug the webcam and see if vista do not detect it.. and install it by itself.. unplug it and plug it back till you notice vista detecting it.. as unknown device.. let it install by itself..
POst the outcome

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