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Link for CRC Utility from MSFT for Vista Beta 2


Chad Harris

Here's a link. I like that the direct link from the MSFT CRC link (among
other things--do an edit find for CRC on this link--is directly linked to a
Taco Bell link. 'Cause when I see a Taco Bell, I think of course of MSFT:

The CRC utility for Beta 2 is contained here (Scroll down to the bottom
under "Additional Information"

Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit (SDK) for Beta 2 of Windows
Vista and WinFX Runtime Components

Additional Information:

To verify that your download of an ISO file for the Windows SDK Beta 2 build
is not corrupt, download the CRC Utility. (Note: this is not a Microsoft
application. Use at your own risk.)

To run the CRC test, open a command prompt and run the utility. providing it
the name of the file (i.e. crc
c:\6.0.5383.1.1.WindowsSDK_Vista_idw.DVD.Rel.img) The CRC utility will run
two tests on the ISO: it will verify if the ISO is valid, and it will give
the AutoCRC signature for the file. The AutoCRC signature for the Windows
SDK Beta 2 ISO is 0x28434EEF. You should also confirm the size of the ISO is
correct: 1.14 GB (1,229,355,008 bytes).

If it fails any of these three tests, re-download the ISO.

I really like the direct link to it though if you right click CRC here>left
click Properties:

Does this mean MSFT will ship Taco Bell with Vista? Is there a Taco Bell
feature in Vista? How about
Pizza? What about hotdogs?


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