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Mail *NOT* left on server...still get multiple



I have a dual boot desktop with XP Pro and Vista 32 bit Ultimate.
I also have a laptop with Vista Home Premium.
When I first set up the dual boot machine, I set up my email on the Vista
boot to "Leave on server" so I could play around with Vista to check it out
but still get my emails for real through my XP boot. I did the same with
the laptop. I have now gone full time to using Vista and took off the
"Leave on Server" on all machines..............but for some reason I still
get all my emails duplicated on all machines and only if I boot into XP do
my emails download for good. I plan on some day in the near future to take
off the XP version so I am concerned that by doing so my email will just
accumulate there and eventually cause my inbox on my ISP side to reach it's
total capacity and I will stop receiving emails. Why is this doing this?
How can I fix it? To repeat: The only way I can download my email for
good, is to boot into the XP machine, otherwise all my emails still go to
all systems.

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