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Maple Story crash - PLEASE HELP



Hi, ive been playing Maple story for a while now, i couldnt play it at first,
but then one day i decided to re-format my pc (i re-installed windows,
graphic drivers etc) and from then on i could play it!!! couldnt work out
why, soo some time later i needed to re-iformat the pc to wipe off some virus
threats that wernt controlable, i re-installed all everything just like the
first time, but i now CAN'T play Maple Story...i can't work out why, now when
i start Maple the game freezes and crashes after about 6 minutes. The strange
thing is i can play Worms Armagedon, which i think is a bit strange seeing as
i would have thought theyd have the same graphics type...can anyone PLEASE
help me, this is SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance, Cal