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Marvell TOPDOG wireless 802.11 N USB Card Driver



Good evening,
I'm having troubles with two USB wireless adaptor on Vista 32bit. These two
usb devices (D-Link DWA-142 and Netgear WN121T) share exactly the same chip,
the Marvell TOPDOG WLan 802.11n adaptor, but neither D-Link nor Neatgear
provide Vista drivers that don't show a well known issue: audio stuttering
during normal Internet browsing.
Someone on their forum support says that "Windows Update" is able to find a
generic Marvell driver that is supposed to solve this problem, but in my case
WU doesn't seem to find anything. This generic Marvell driver is supposed to
have been appeared on WU on 26/06/2007.
Can you help me ?
Thank you.