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memory query - strange!


New Member
Hi All!

I have a query regarding memory on my vista ultimate x64 machine.

I have 4gb ram installed, which is clearly detected as 4gb when you right click computer and view system properties, however, my vista sidebar gadgets say a total of 3581mb is installed, this is also reflected in task manager under physical memory.

Another strange thing is my pc seems to use nearly 2gb when idle, although when i view all the running processes in task manager using memory and add them all together, it only comes to around 1gb???? (yes - i have clicked show for all users)

Not sure if anyone else has come accross similar? i can't explain it?

AMD Phenom 9750
Asus Crosshair
4gb OCZ Titanium pc2 6400 ram
PNY nVidia 9600GT 512mb graphics
2 x 750gb SataII RAID0 with Vista ultimate x64 installed
1 x 750gb SataII for backups
OCZ GameXtreme 600w PSU
Antec NineHundred Case

Thanks in advance!

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