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Menu bars in Vista



Since so many of you tried to help me when I couldn't find my own menu bar,
nor could Dell, I finally found the solution to the problem and am passing
it along for what it is worth. It is so simple it is embarrassing, but when
my homepage opened and it didn't have the 'file, edit, etc., bar I was kinda
lost and couldn't save nor send internet stuff.

The solution: get to the internet anyway you can. Click on tools, internet
options, advanced. At the bottom of that window is a 'reset'. Click on
that, click ok, go back to the internet and right click on an empty place on
the'links' bar and click on whatever toolbars you want. That's it. For
more info go to windows update and search for file KB 923737.

I hope this helps someone else with a very frustrating though simple

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