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Microsoft 6to4 Adapter #2




I just turned on my laptop then walked away for a few minutes while my
system was getting all started up. When I returned, an error message telling
me that the Microsoft 6to4 Adaptor #2 device driver software was not
successfully installed.

I'm not terribly tech savvy, but I have a feeling this has something to do
with my network settings or internet connection. This really concerns me
because I have not initiated the installation of ANY device drivers at all.
I am not connected to a network, unless a comcast dry loop is considered a
network connection. I have made no system changes to my computer in several
weeks and my computer has worked fine since then. This unusual error message
concerns me because I'm afraid it may mean someone has managed to hack my
computer and is attempting to start up a wireless connection with mine. I
don't know if that makes any sense. Anyway, I have run a McAfee scan, as
well as Adaware and SpyBot S&D and the only things found were tracking
cookies, nothing more.

While I'm not very tech savvy, I am comfortable enough with the workings of
my computer to follow any instructions that could help me determine what is
going on and fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)