Minor bug: Page-up gets stuck on big inline image



If an inline image is bigger than an email composition window, page-up gets
stuck on the image (but page-down is OK).

This will probably demonstrate the bug:

1) Open a composition window, insert an inlne image
2) Resize it so that's vertical dimension is double the window vertical
(resize your window also if you like)
3) Put lines of text above and below the image with about the same vertical
extent as the image.
4) Click the cursor (insertion point) inside the lower-most text block.
5) Use the page-up and page-down keys to scroll the window. I find the
page-down works, but the page-up gets stuck in the image.

Note: The problem seems dependent on the cursor (insertion point) location
-- if the insertion point is in the upper text block, the page-up works fine.

Of course a common scenario is to be typing at the bottom and wanting to use
page-up to review something earlier -- which exposes the problem.

WLM 12.0.1606, Vista Home Premium, classic mode

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