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Missing files from a "disconnected Location" in documents

Rob Sadler

New Member

I had a Vista 32bit machine with custom document locations mapped to a server that was on the same network. I removed the server not thinking about the relocated documents folders. The user that the computer belongs to didn’t think much of it when her documents disappeared because she had a new user account and there wasn’t much in it. It has been about a year since the server was removed. The user was complaining to me that she couldn’t access her music folder from the start menu. I discovered the problem, the server was removed. I found a solution online such as this one “http://www.vistax64.com/vista-file-management/141609-reset-default-location-documents-folder-vista.html” and fixed the registry in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Shell” to %userprofile%.

Great! The issue is solved, wrong.
All the users’ music, pictures, videos, desktop, etc. folders were in a temporary location.
Is there a way to recover the documents that were stored in a, I guess, temporary location when the location of the folder was removed?

That was sort of confusing to explain, let me try this -

- All the users documents had the Locations changed to a directory on computer number 2
- Computer 2 was removed from the network about a year ago
- Since the computer was removed the user has been saving documents to her desktop
- The desktop folder (among all the other folders in documents) was mapped to Computer 2 but Computer 2 wasn’t connected to Computer 1
- **Where are these “Desktop” files stored?
- The “location” issue was corrected through regedit
- All the customers files are now missing since the desktop location has changed back to the computer default of %userprofile%
- **Is there a way to recover these documents?


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