Missplaced files when logged on with temporary profile




Here´s the issue. My friend is using a single computer in a workgroup
(homenetwork) with Windows vista home. Recentely he noticed a problem
when logging on to the administator account (only 1 account on this
computer in total), every time it gave him the message that he only can
log on in "temporary profile" mode. This means that changes that are
made during this session are lost when you restart the computer.

He had a folder on his desktop with files (pics & music) that were moved
to another folder "user/pictures" when he was logged on with his
temporary profile. When he later restarted his computer, all the files
that were moved to the other folder before, were gone.

Is there any way to recover/find these files ??? I mean how on earth can
they not be found when they weren´t deleted in the first place.

A little help please !!

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