.mov videos don't work in Vista, can't convert


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They did but they don't now - now there are frustrated people who say they
don't work in Windows Live Movie Maker when they do.

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"Silverwire" wrote:

> My Olympus FE190 & Nikon cameras use .mov video format. My HPm7750n Vista Hm
> Premium OS w/media cntr pkg (WMP, WMC, NVIDIA 6150LE, WMM 6.0.6, Muvee
> Autoproducer 5.0, Creator Basic V9-Roxio) all totally useless pieces of junk
> for videos because none use .mov files and Vista can't convert.
> I googled, read many forums incl. this 1 & find 1000s of users have same
> problem. So far, no successful solution. Some claim to have codecs, updates,
> other fixes but downloaders all complain of buffer overruns, lost audio, poor
> quality, or just don't work in Vista, incl. Creator V10.
> Microsoft needs to bite the Apple (bullet) & make a deal with Quicktime to
> get a conversion program that WORKS in Vista as "fix" so we can use this
> over-priced, ego-inflated, misrepresented OS to "Access your music, videos
> and photos" as it claims on the front of my PC. I feel like I was scammed by
> ads and salesmen when I bought PC last year.
> Anybody else out there interested in complaining on every forum possible to
> get Microsoft moving on a solution? Is MS already working on this? I just
> want to be able to make movies and use the features I paid lots of money for!
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