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MS Busy summer ?


Stephan Schaem

I have been playing a bit more with beta2 , and I think Microsoft
programmers are going to have a busy summer.

Beside the performance problems and other quirks, just browsing folder seem
to be broken ?

I'm in "windows photo gallery" and I'm browsing the images that I captured,
I right click on a picture and I "Open file location" ... the browse window
only show me 4 files
out of 50+, the one I right clicked on is not there.
Right click on the file in "windows photo gallery", and confirm its location
and access :
Same location, no hidden flags, etc...
Use copy pasting the file property path and dir doesn't show its existence.
I use the search feature and those file don't show up
Only "windows photo gallery" can see the files and open them...
even while viewing the picture doing a "Open"->"Paint" tell me that Paint
cant find the file

I go to use "Windows Mail" to post this report, and when I use the newsgroup
list the scroll bar
expand to gigantic distorted box when I click on them... all the rest of the
system is OK but those
two scroll bars.

Then I try to document the problems with print screen and Paint give me a
clip board error
on the first ctrl-v try.

I only casually use this beta, so this give me the feel that if its that
easy to find this problems, the
actual code base is in big trouble for a RC anytime soon ?


PS: When I go to speel check this, the speel check keep moving location
(and fading in / out) each time I 'ignore' or 'change', thats a bit