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MS thinks i have too many contacts - and punishes me for it



"The file you want to import is too large. Please delete some of the contacts
and then try importing the file again. "

what a sad piece of software the contacts "management" under vista / WLM is.
it looses a lot of info that outlook express "understood". and when you try
to import your contacts (yes, there are people with 8000 contacts...) then i
get the above message.

i am at a loss and can not believe how HORRIBLE the solution (or lack
thereof) is that WLM / WM / Vista offer to manage contacts, online, offline,

mian thought: it worked so nicely (and FAST!) in outlook express.
why, oh why, was the CHAOS of vista / WLM / WM introduced without any
migration help, any explanation, any support from the big boys in redmont.

so, besides the rant some questions:
how do i clean up 8000 contacts, rid them of duplicates, import them into my
windows live / hotmail account?


and, to the MS people who are listening (hopefully): BRING BACK OUTLOOK
EXPRESS. so much, much, much. much better than anything that is available
udner vista!!!

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