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MSXML Fails to load document larger than 1 GB


Trey Shaffer

Forgive me, in advance, for this being vague...

First question, is this the right forum?

I am using MSXML within a vbScript, not associated with a web page.

My problem seems to be with size of an XML document.

I am using the .Load method as a simple validation tool to see if a file is well formed.

I download the file, via FTP, open it with MSXML, and check the return value for success/failure.

This works for files of size less than 1 GB, but fails for files greater than 1 GB. The threshold is close to 1 GB, though I haven't narrowed it with precision. 900 MB definitely works. 1.1 GB definitely fails.

Does this sound familiar?
Am I omitting anything?

Trey Shaffer

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