Music folder arranging artist/albums different.... helppppp!!!!



Hey, I have tried my best to find a thread that can help me on this site
but no success :/

So anyways, my music folders have always been perfect since I had my
new laptop, I had vista before and no problems have occurred.

so now I have music in several folders, and now since I have added all
my music in my itunes to make it easier, my entire music folder is huge,
with every song seperated into artist instead of album, I think itunes
has done this on purpose, but every time I click into an artist now to
find a song, the album folder is located in the artist folder and then
the song is located in that album folder

this wouldn't bother me but because I have some compilations, it makes
sense the songs are in the album and not segregated by every artist
(some are unrecognisable... haven't a clue what song is where)

Much appreciate the help :)


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