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My printer prints only the top of the page.



I just upgraded to Vista. Of course the printer I had was not compatable
with Vista so I went and got a new printer. I selected a Canon Pixma. The
problem was I could not get the thing to print. It would print the top inch
or so of a page, pause for several minutes, and spit out the page. Almost
two hours with Canon technical support did not solve the problem.

I took the printer back thinking Canon needed to work on their drivers. I
picked up an HP Photosmart C3180. Installed the printer as per the
instructions and the EXACT SAME PROBLEM happened. Top inch, very long pause,
rest of page blank.

Anyone have any sugestions? I have tried about everything, even completely
re-installing Vista to insure that it had nothing to do with any software I
had previously installed. Still same problem.


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