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Netgear router connection problems

Ok fellas, here's the skinny. I have the most basic of basic Netgear wireless routers (WGR614), yet I still can't set this dang thing up! :confused: I am trying to set up two computers that are literally side by side.

I go through the set up, it acknowledges the internet connection, then it asks for the login/password for my connection. I don't have one via my provider ("Qwest) as I simply ran through their install disk and it's ready to roll, no sign in, etc. I've read quite a bit about this, so I thought maybe it wasn't directed at my providers sign in, and instaed used the general sign in 'admin' and 'password' that work on virtually all Netgear units. No go. I also tried the login of '1234', which is used for older routers (which this is not), but that didn't work either.

I am obviously using wires, as there is no need to go wireless. What am I doing wrong? All my wiring is correct.



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connect your laptop direct to the router in port 1to 4>open internet explorer>in the address bar put when the login screen appears put in the username : virgin and the passphrase : password> the Netgear router page will now appear, down the left side click on Wireless settings>now name your network, something you remember and replace the passphrase with a new one at least 8 characters long and click apply, wait for it to finish updating and close the page.

disconnect cable from laptop and router, ensure inbuilt wireless switched on, go to system tray and look for connect to a network icon ( not the virgin icon ) click it and find your network name, click connect put in your passphrase and when it says connected open a browser page and you should be connected

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