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Network and Sharing Center Freezes, Taskbar icon doesn't work



Two things, whenever I attempt to enter Network and Sharing center it usually
comes up blank for awhile, and then eventually (maybe 5 or 10 minutes) the
information will show up but I can't select anything and there's no way to
exit the window and it just remains on my taskbar unless I restart.

Also, the system tray icon in the bottom right corner always shows
disconnected (even when I am) and also if I right click takes a few minutes
before responding to my click, all during this time my being able to use my
computer freely but eventually the menu will pop up. If I hover over this
icon it just says:

Connection status: unknown

Server execution failed

But, I am connected to my wireless network and can access the internet etc.

I'm not sure if this is related, but Windows Update always comes up with an
update for Microsoft SQL Server Service Pack 2 or something, and I'm pretty
sure that it never successfully installs, because it says that it does, but
every time I 'Search for new updates' it's still there.

Thanks for the help, this isn't usually a big problem but I'm trying to
alter some of my network stuff and it's becoming a huge pain and I can't do a
single thing with it. Thanks a lot!

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- Right click "Computer"
- Click "Manage"
- Under the "System Tools" section, Double click "Local Users and
- Click "Groups"
- Right click "Administrators"
- Click "Add to group..."
- Click "Add"
- Click "Advanced"
- Click "Find Now"
- Double click "Local Service"
- Click "Ok"
- "NT Authority\Local Service" should show up in the list now
- Click "Ok"
- Close Computer Management and reboot.

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