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Network Auditing Report Templates?


IT Dude

Please excuse me if I'm in the wrong NG but there really isn't a specific
group for the advice and suggestions I'm seeking. I posted this in the SBS
NG also but have not receive and responses there so I thought I might try
here. Pretty much looking for
input from my fellow IT professionals who I know have done and have also
been required to perform and that is a Network Audit Report. Yes I have done
a few but one of my clients line of business requires they follow FDA
guidlines and requirements. They need to have on file this report so of
course tehy need this to be formatted in a way that would be acceptable to
present to clients and potential clients. So I'm just asking what others are
using or have used that they deem to in a legal and professional format.
I've search a few of the free ones that I can probably use as a template to
get me started but thought I'd toss this one out there and get your opinions
and suggestions. Thanks to all in advance.

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