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recently i used the volume mixer to mute just firefox. when i un-muted it,
it stayed muted. the volume mixer shows it as being at the regular volume,
but i cannot hear anything in firefox. i have to use internet explorer to
watch a video. i have already reinstalled firefox.

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I am also having the exact same problem. I have muted and unmuted
firefox on my vista business computer with no problems, but when I did
it on my vista home premium computer the sound stopped working.
Originally I had ff2 with all the same settings on both computers; I
completely uninstalled firefox and installed ff3 on the home premium
computer, but the sound is still not working at all in firefox. I have
yet to find any solution to this problem; if I find one I will be sure
to post back here.

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Open youtube in firefox. Open volume mixer by right clicking the volume icon on the task menu on the right hand bottom side of the screen. Unmute or increase the volume for firefox. Then play the youtube video.

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Found a great fix called "Firefix" works on Vista and Win 7 x32 and 64 if you cant find it online @ me and i will send it to you

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