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No longer get system sounds




I had to restore my entire hard drive and used the restore feature which
comes with Windows Vista. It worked very well. However, now I have no
system sounds. I went into "Personalization" and clicked on "Sounds" and
then I clicked inside the box, "Play Windows Startup sound." However, this
does not help. Also, when I test the sound I choose for a different Windows
event (I am testing it by using the "Test" button within "Sound"), no sound
is played. But when I open the Media folder, I can play each and every one
of the system sounds using WMP.

I also looked into the registry and found that under
HKEY_USERS->S-1-5-21-...->Schemes, I can see the events and the .wav files I
have chosen for each event.

I also checked in TweakVI and I have not disabled anything which should
affect the system sounds.

I did have some trouble reinstalling the X-Fi Sound card, but it works. I
do also have AC'97 installed, but I do not use it. UAC is turned off for now.

I like the Vista startup and shutdown sound and I like all the other sounds
as well. Any way I can get each back?

Thank you,

My Computer

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