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Non elevated user account can't connect to new ISP

Hi, I currently maintain 10+ computers for one of my cleints. Some of the computers are offsite in different cities and some are local. A few are using vista home premium 32bit and others win xp. I try and maintain them remotely via LogMeIn. All users who access the machines are give user level access. I setup an administrator account on each computer for myself so I can perform admin stuff.

Recently one these offsite users decided to change their ISP provider. Now they can't connect to the internet because Vista Home Prem 32bit is asking for the admin login to setup the connection. I can't connect to the computer remotely because there is no internet connection. This user is about 2.5 hours away and I don't want to drive out there just to setup his internet connection. Is there any way I can get this connection setup without giving this user administrator access? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,



A lot would depend on the hardware used for the ISP connection. Is it by any
chance a USB modem?

My advice would be, if at all possible to obtain an Ethernet modem/router.
This will work with any OS that supports TCP/IP, and does not require an
Admin account. Point of fact it shouldn't need any software installed on the
PC at all, just a standard RJ45 socket.

Note that there are two distinct types of router, for phone-line or cable
connections. Be sure to get the right one.

Otherwise, disabling UAE (control panel>user accounts, last item in window)
may make it possible to install the software. Afterwards see if it can be
re-enabled since it is a big help to security, particularly with a USB modem.

"maushana" wrote:

> Can anyone help with this? Is this possible if I turn off UAC? Any help
> is appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Mike
> --
> maushana
Hi Anteaus,

Thanks for the info. I totally forgot to ask the user if they are using USB or RJ45 to connect to the modem. I will check it out and report back my findings in case someone else has this issue. Thanks so much for the response.

Ok it turns out that they were using an RJ45 and it still didn't allow them to set it up which is very stupid. I had to get someone to login via the admin account to have it setup properly. Now all is working fine.