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Only IE have full acces to the internet, Very annoying problem



I am using wireless connection to access the internet and i have installed
Windows Vista Ultimate. The problem is ONLY Internet explorer have full
access to the internet. Through it i can access any site etc.
I usually prefere to use Firefox but useing it i can only access google and
microsoft sites. ALL other sites cannot be accesed (it writes "waiting for
http://some_website.com") Ive tryed many website and FF have acces only to 1%
of them. Othars arent loading. I tryed websites from different countries.

+ Another connected with that^ problem: I cannot cannect witth my local
messanger. Only Jabber(gtalk) and Windows Update works. All other programs
cannot connect.

Firewall is totally disabled. And all settings looks fine to me. (especialy
becouse the IE works fine, and the ping from the websites is recived ;/ )
Ive tryed to wipe hdd and reinstall VistaUltimate few times but its always
the same problem. No other programs\games can connect to the internet ;/

btw, even MSN Messanger cannot connect. I tryed to connect by dial-up (to
check is that a problem of configuration) and throught Dial-Up i have full
acces in FF and everything is connecting. My router: Sagem 1400W, My WiFi
card: Sagem USB dongle 802.11.b\g XI-735. Problem appears even on the
Pentagram WiFi card. So the problem lies only on |>|Wireles networks|<|. Does
someone know what is happening, why only IE have full acces, and how to
repair that?????