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It's somewhat SBS related so I just thought I'll stick it in here. I'm
just testing OWA with Exchange 2007 which allows access to shared
documents. However, I couldn't find any way to save edited document
back to it's original location without VPN. Also, is there any way to
set the documents in a way so users are warned that someone else has
that document already opened? Cheers

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Robbin Meng [MSFT]

Hello yaro,

Thanks for your post.

This seems a by design behavior. Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access includes a new feature that supports read-only access to documents and document libraries on
Windows SharePoint Services and Windows file shares. In the past, VPN access was required when you wanted to access files from your internal network. Now you can gain
read-only access to documents through Outlook Web Access without exposing the stores on the Internet directly. When using OWA, Exchange Server 2007 is able to proxy
documents from internal SharePoint sites and Windows file share locations. These files can then be viewed remotely without ever having to connect to the corporate network,
providing easy access to your documents.

The Windows SharePoint Services and Windows File Shares Integration feature makes information about Windows SharePoint Services and Windows file shares available to
users even when they are not connected to an internal network.
" Users can access documents and document libraries on Windows SharePoint Services and Windows network file shares without connecting to a virtual private network
" Outlook Web Access lets users retrieve documents on internal Windows SharePoint Services sites or Windows file shares from a link embedded in an e-mail message.
" Users can browse the contents and hierarchies on Windows network file shares and Windows SharePoint Services document libraries through Outlook Web Access.

Client Features in Outlook Web Access

How to Configure Windows SharePoint Services and Windows File Share Integration for Outlook Web Access

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Robbin Meng(MSFT)
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