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Problems with Dynamic Display pictures and downloading content

Hi there,

I'm having a couple of problems with Dynamic Display Pictures.

I had a Dymnamic Display picture from 'wee-mee'
which I've been using for a little while. I've upgraded to the latest version
of messenger and since then when I used my wee-mee, my contacts at the other
end (who previously saw it fully animated) now only see the static first
image, and vice versa for me when they are using wee-mee display pictures
which previously I could see.

To try and fix this I tried removing the wee-mee from my WLM and then
re-downloading it. But now every time I try and download it says the 'Some
content could not be installed' message, so now I have no pic at all!. I've
tried renaming the folder as described in a thread about background images
with the same error message, but it doesnt fix the problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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