Procedure to Rebuild MediaID.bin for Restoring Backups


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If you get the following error when restoring your backup to its original HD (see error code bellow)

Error Description:

When you use the Restore Files option to restore a backup file on a Windows Vista-based computer, you may receive the following error message:

The restore did not finish successfully. Error code:
The backup file could not be found. Check your hardware configuration or restore from a different backup (0x8100001A).

and the Mediaid.bin file is corrupted or lost, then use the following instructions for rebuilding it:

1.Unzip the file and rename it from sdutil.ex_ to sdutil.exe
2.Copy the sdutil.exe to the root of the driver which contains the backup files
3.Open the folder Catalogs located bellow the folder BackupSet “aaaammdd” “xxxxxx”
4.Copy the file GlobalCatalog.wbcat to the root of this HD
5.Go to Start -> Execute and type CMD.exe
6.At this “DOS” window type: sdutil mediaid GlobalCatalog.wbcat [HD letter (as an example D:\)]
7.A new MediaID.bin is created
8.Try to restore the backup as usual using the advanced restore option and next the option restore an older backup created in this machine
9.If done: it’s over!
10.If it fails: Map a network driver at your LAN
11.Copy the MediaId.bin file to the root of the previous mapped LAN driver
12.Copy the whole folder BackupSet “aaaammdd” “xxxxxx” to this same driver
13.Try to restore the backup as usual using the advanced restore option and next the option restore backup created in another machine
14.At the next menu, point the backup folder at your LAN mapped driver and start the restore process
15.Now you shall have your backup proper restored at the right machine
16.Good Luck!

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Attached is the error I'm getting after unzipping the zip, renaming the "sdutil.ex_" to "sdutil.exe" and running it.

Perhaps it's corrupt? What is the original source of this file?


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I worked it out, this program will only run on Vista, not XP.

However, now I'm seeing this error:

G:\>sdutil mediaid GlobalCatalog.wbcat g:
== Generating MediaId.bin file ==
Loading global catalog information...OK
Verifying media data...OK
Media information:
Drive Letter: G:\
Unique identifier: ***
Name: WDC WD50 00AAKS-00A7B0
Generating output file 'g:\Mediaid.bin'...
An error occured:
Access is denied. (0x80070005)

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I discovered that going to Properties of "sdutil.exe" and under the compatibility tab set "Run as administrator" did the trick.

"Mediaid.bin" was created.

Hope this helps others.

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Hello Im having a problem with the steps. when Im in CMD and type the stuff and then enter it giving me an error message :

Insufficient number of parameters!

I am not getting the mediaid.bin file and I dont know what to do next. can someone help me please

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