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Project torque


VRG Scotty

"VRG Scotty" <vrg-scotty@xxxxxx> wrote in message

> http://project-torque.aeriagames.com/ free to download and play online
> racing game, not bad as well, installs and plays great on both Vista 64 &
> 32 bit.
Infact if you are a racing gamer and want a great online game for free then
register and if you would like to join the VRG (www.vistareadygames.com)
clan then just add VRG infront of your gamer tag and send a screeny into
any of the admins on VRG with ranking and we'll pick out a user an give them
$10 of gaming points to spend in the online shop on project torque.
VRG Scotty

Register, it's free, and use the 'search for solution' tab for any problems

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