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I'm calling this a new question cause it's way worse since I changed to sent
column instead of date. Now the sent date and the account is not shown
until the message is selected or marked as read and since I'm set up to
View - Sort by - sent in descending order those end up at the bottom of the
list while still blank.
Someone talked about View Current View and having Copy of Show all messages
un-dotted and when I looked it had been changed [not by me or maybe
accidentally when I tried to View - Current view - Customize] and there were
2 lines for 'Copy of Show all messages' the first with the dot? I changed
back to show all messages, but I still had 2 lines until much later I found
View - Customize current view ... and Define views ..., where I was able to
remove all the extras. This is probably a separate bug, but it might be
related to Quick views problems.
Thanks again,
Mike BS - Windows XP Pro 5.1.2600.2180 SP2_rtm.040803-2158 - IE:
7.0.5730.11 - WLM 12.0.1606.1023
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> The account column issue it is mostly probably related to the
> quick views problems, however, in other account inboxes it doesn't show up
> until the message is previewed. In the storage sent items folder I'm
> still
> getting quite a few messages stored with totally blank lines except for
> the half
> envelope icon which appear only if I click on them. Mostly when I am
> sending to the group and to myself in Newsgroups mode, but a few in mail
> mode too in my account sent items folder. Oops, I checked again on the
> attachment question and I was wrong. The only
> one that was questionable was a sent mail with stationary that they used
> in
> the reply and it apparently has a gif type image and it actually did show
> up
> as an attachment at one point [I really did see it], however now that it
> is
> marked as read even if I mark it as unread, the attachment line in the
> header does not show. Sorry about that.
> Thanks, Mike
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>> Could it be possible that there're emotion icons in the mail such as the
>> Messenger smilie face? I have seen such kind of issue whenever a mail has
>> the inline emotion icons in it.
>> Thanks,
>> -Hua

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