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RE: All this discussion and still really no feedback from Microsoft


Mike Welland

Here's an idea-

Not sure if you've looked at Microsoft Live Folders, but the solution
offered sounds very similar to FolderShare. Possibly that product is their
future direction for this business model. The FolderShare acquisition may
have been done just for market study and/or to merge into their Live Folders

"Mug_Is_me" wrote:

> I have been using FolderShare since right before Microsoft bought it. I have
> been happy for the most part with the product. Obviously since I started
> using it since right before it got purchased, I was testing before I
> participated in the pay service for unlimited folder sharing.
> But in comes Microsoft and buys it, takes away the unlimited option, and
> calls it "FolderShare Beta - a Windows Live Service". Now for two years it
> has been that way. I see the promise that the FolderShare team is working
> hard to get out the latest edition but no indication as to when and what that
> means.
> Recently I emailed Anton to get a heads up so that we as a company can
> decide if FolderShare needs to be the application that we continue to use. I
> get the same thing as all the other posts. The reply is "there is very
> little I can add on top of what Mohammed already said in the newsgroup forum.
> We are indeed very excited and working in full span on the product. As you
> understand, I cant really comment on any timeline aspects though".
> I realize the importance of not over promising and under delivering but at
> the same time plans could be shared so that all the users here as well as
> those not posting on this group could make decisions whether to hold on and
> wait or to look for other alternatives. As I mentioned to Anton, I have no
> problem with paying for a service if that is what it takes but I would
> certainly like to know what the plans are for the future.
> Any thoughts from anyone else?

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