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I use a x1600 pro also and i have 2 gb of ram, and a sata 1.5 hdd 200GB. bf2
lags alot for me and the bottom half of the screem has major graphical
errors. how did you get bf2 to work with only a few graphical errors and well
on vista?

"Coltch" wrote:

> I'm using an X1600 Pro and BF2 runs fine apart from a few graphical glitches,
> in XP I could run the game on the IGP (Xpress 200) with 512MB of RAM albeit
> at 800x600.
> As Vista is currently Beta I'm not that concerned with a couple of errors,
> after all that is what Beta software is all about to give feedback to improve
> the final product.
> Once the final version is released I think you will be able to play BF2 with
> no trouble and using less resources.
> "jakem" wrote:
> > perhaps the reason is that you have a bad graphics card, and you are trying
> > to run demanding games such as battlefield 2...hmmmmmmmm..... Well first of
> > all this is a BETA, so the final product will take up much less system memory
> > in idle. and also, you probably wouldn't have been able to play the game in
> > windows xp either.
> >
> > "Stephen Sobchuk" wrote:
> >
> > > Something I found out on my laptop running Vista x86. This probably applies
> > > to Vista x64 also for these Chipsets. I have an ATI Radeon X600 Mobility
> > > which has Hyper Memory controller built in. What this does is use onboard
> > > memory with it's 256Mb on board to give it a boost. Well with only a Gb of
> > > DDR RAM on my laptop and Vista taking up quite a chunk there's not much left
> > > to run demanding games like BF2. I'd look into this before seriously
> > > upgrading to Vista if you're a gamer. Maybe ATI will release a final driver
> > > that helps this out where you can enable, disable it. But as for now, when
> > > I load Vista my memory usage hovers around 65% used when Vista loads up.
> > > After a short while it'll drop down to 45% but yikes. There goes the very
> > > high graphics settings. Hope this helps out. BTW, check out the ATI site
> > > and search for hyper memory and see if your chip is affected by this.
> > > Basically it's mostly some older Mobility chipsets and all Express boards.
> > >

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