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Buford T. Justice

Ah I see. Yeah I don’t think there is anything like that in WLM as you
already know other than clicking VIEW > CURRENT VIEW.


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> See attached pic from Windows Mail.
> -Michael
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>> Sounded like it to me, lol.
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>>> Right. But, that's not what Gary or I are talking about.
>>> -Michael
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>>>> Assuming you have turned on SHOW ALL MENUS, you simply click VIEW >
>>>> CURRENT VIEW to do
>>>> this.
>>>> BT
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>>>>> I agree with "Show All Messages"/"Hide Read Messages."
>>>>> Maybe, the development team will come around to add
>>>>> this. I can't believe there's not some heavy newsgroup readers
>>>>> on the development team that agree with us.
>>>>> I do like like the "Quick Views". I have "Unread watched news"
>>>>> there and find that feature to be useful.
>>>>> I just couldn't stand the horribly slow performance
>>>>> of Windows Mail, and it wasn't just on one machine.
>>>>> Hopefully, WLM will continue to improve even more.
>>>>> -Michael
>>>>> "Gary VanderMolen" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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>>>>>> I use WM for newsgroups, WLM for mail. I make extensive use of
>>>>>> WM's feature that enables rapid switching between "Show All Messages"
>>>>>> and "Hide Read Messages." It is a shame that WLM didn't adopt that
>>>>>> handy feature.
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Gary VanderMolen [MS-MVP WLM]
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>>>>>> news:%[email protected]
>>>>>>> IMO, compared to what it was and most definitely
>>>>>>> when compared to WM, WLM has improved greatly.
>>>>>>> Since I only use WLM for newsgroups, I may not be seeing
>>>>>>> the same bugs you are experiencing. -Michael
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>>>>>>>> I have found several bugs in this program...
>>>>>>>> it was not ready to go out of beta...
>>>>>>>> and the interface is still bad
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>>>>>>>>> "MICHAEL" <[email protected]> wrote in message
>>>>>>>>> news:#[email protected]
>>>>>>>>>> Just one thing, for now, I sure do wish there was an easy
>>>>>>>>>> way to collapse the header bar like in Thunderbird... that's
>>>>>>>>>> a big chunk of screen space taken up that could be devoted
>>>>>>>>>> to the message I'm reading. Is there a way to get rid of it or
>>>>>>>>>> make it smaller?
>>>>>>>>> Okay, I found how to get rid of the header.
>>>>>>>>> The setting is under "Layout". I still wish it was
>>>>>>>>> collapseable/expandable. Oh well, I am still pleased
>>>>>>>>> with how well WLM seems to be working.
>>>>>>>>> -Michael

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