Re: Bug Inquiry - Not All Posts Highlighted in Watched Conversation


Robert Aldwinckle

"Mark M Morse" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]

> I've set the options in WLM to highlight the threads that I start in red.
> This works the way that I expect, except, in some of my threads,
> there are one or more posts that are not highlighted.
> I've included a screenshot of the thread "Reporting Bugs" that I started
> on 11/9/2007 3:09 AM. Two out of the 11 posts are not highlighted.

That looks as if you had replies before you downloaded your OP.
In that case the thread would not be marked Watched yet (because
it didn't exist.) Therefore if the feature for automatically marking your
messages watched only marks *your* message watched those replies
might not have had a watched message to inherit that property from.

BTW how do you download your messages? If you use a synchronize
command other than Synchronize All this could be yet another quirk
of the way those commands are implemented.

You could use a troubleshooting log to give you more precise ideas
of the sequence of events which led to such a combination of messages
and markings.

> Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

No but I rarely start my own threads. ; )


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